Vision & Expectations

Cloverdale Vision

At Cloverdale Primary School we champion Student Success, Staff Impact and a Connected Community.

Our vision for Cloverdale Primary School is that our school is a place of connectedness and care where all members of the school community can belong and experience success academically, socially and emotionally.  They successfully follow our motto of Aim High and SOAR.


Following the 2015-2017 Business Plan, the Aim High motto and SOAR expectations have been built within our school culture as a way to initiate discussions regarding choices students make within the school. The 2018-2020 Business Plan has seen Aim High and SOAR integrated within our social and emotional learning program by utilising the WA Health and Physical Education Program.  This whole school change has been embedded within the “You Can Do It” program.

SOAR Expectations




Respect and Responsibility


Expectations from all members of the School Community – The Cloverdale Way
  • High expectations for students, staff and parents – The Cloverdale Way.
  • Cloverdale Values are clearly visible in language and actions of students, staff and parents.
  • Processes of continual reflection and rigorous self-assessment underpin a focus on academic and non-academic improvement.
  • Collaborative and contemporary evidence-based effective teaching practices that value add to our students’ success.
  • Partnerships between students, staff and parents that foster positive participation and inclusion to improve opportunities and outcomes for students.
  • A supportive and inclusive culture that engenders a spirit of connectedness and acceptance of diversity.
  • Resourcing that is aligned with our Business Plan and School Targeted Initiatives that meet the needs of our community.